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Bathroom Cleaning & Accessories

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Microfiber X Shape Mop - Self-Wringing for a Hassle-Free Experience!
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    Rs. 1,299.00Rs. 799.00

    Make floor cleaning a breeze with our Microfiber X Shape Mop. Featuring a self-wringing mechanism, this mop allows for easy rinse and wring without getting your hands dirty or wet. The long handle and rotating...

    Rechargeable Electric Spin Scrubber - Powerful Cleaning Tools for Bathroom, Kitchen, and More!
    • Sale -60%
      Rs. 1,499.99Rs. 599.99

      Make your cleaning tasks a breeze with our Electric Spin Scrubber! This rechargeable cleaning tool is designed to tackle dirt and grime efficiently, making it the ideal choice for your bathroom, kitchen, and more. Effortless...

      Stain Remover for Clothes - Multi-Purpose Roll Bead Fabric Stain Remover Pen - Instant Stain Removal for Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Denim, and More
      • Sale -50%
        Rs. 499.00Rs. 249.99

        Tired of stubborn stains ruining your favorite clothes? Introducing our Stain Remover for Clothes – the ultimate solution for quick and effective stain removal. This multi-purpose roll bead fabric stain remover pen is designed to...

        Step into Comfort: Rechargeable Callus Remover for Silky Smooth Feet
        • Sale -25%
          Rs. 999.00Rs. 749.99

          ✨ Two Speeds, Dual Heads: Enjoy personalized foot care with 2 adjustable speeds. Low speed for daily callus care, high speed for stubborn thick calluses. Comes with 2 replaceable heads – fine roller for daily...

          Stainless Steel Stain Eraser - Multi-Purpose Rust and Limescale Cleaner for Kitchen and Home
          • Sale -46%
            Rs. 1,299.00Rs. 699.00

            Easily tackle stubborn stains with our Rust Cleaning and Limescale Eraser Artifact. This multifunctional cleaning tool is designed for various surfaces in your kitchen and home. 🔍 Dual-Use Technology: Dry-wipe for wall stains without hurting...